Simon Chau’s Tree of Life

By Solaire Hauser

Simon Chau is currently teaching Translation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. (Photo: Solaire Hauser)

Simon Chau at the Chinese University of Hong Kong campus. (Photo: Solaire Hauser)

HONG KONG – Simon Chau is known in Hong Kong for both his environmental work as well as his achievements in the field of translation. Being the only one out of four children to have a university education, he feels that he should use it to improve the way of living in Hong Kong.
He says that “at this very moment, I think Hong Kong is in a big crisis; economically, politically and socially.”
According to him, many well-educated people left the country about five years before the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to China.
“Like abandoning a sinking ship,” he says. However, Chau and his family stayed.

He urges people to do more for their country and the preservation of its environment. Chau himself is a “green campaigner”, as he calls it, setting an example of a sustainable and healthy way of living. The roots for this engagement in environmental activities reach deeply into his childhood, while the origins for his interest in translation can be found in a rather unexpected place: the Catholic Church.